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by Kang Deni Printing graphic design. Present Since 1999 till now for serve your stubby holders orders, cheap and very affordable price. Promote with stubby cooler will help boost brand presence at your next event or campaign. Our stubby holders made up high-quality are made from neoprene 3.5mm ensuring your cans of soft drinks or bottle beer stay cool for longer.Enjoys excellent visibility no matter the situation.These products are perfect for all your activities anywhere.

We are supplier also manufacture of custom designed neoprene stubby holders/cooler for your bucks or hens parties, wedding, sports club, corporate promotion or any other event. We provide free design using your own photo, club logo or business logo to take your idea from concept to finished product.We Also Made to Order many products : Banner , Flag , Business Card, T-shirt,Singlet,etc.

Design your own stubby holders your guest's drink in style with a fabulous Cooler wedding stubby holder. We do print in colour-full at the highest resolution on to your wedding stubby.

wedding-on-beach-design- template

To have and To Hold Your keep Drink Cold Template !

wedding-design- template-wooden-board

cute baby 1 st syubby holders

cheer 50 years stubby holders

Happy Birthday CU . NT 50th Funny


Stubby Holders Tote Bag/Paper Bag And Hat. Fashionable yet functional promotional trucker hats not only access clothing but also function as a running billboard for your business. You can make promotional ball caps that you can choose for yourself by choosing the color and style you like and printing your logo.

Promotional Stubby Holders Australia

Promotional Stubby Holders

caricature stubby holders design


Design your own stubby holders.
For Caricature stubby holders , just send me Good Resolution.
and than give detail and sample A caricature you have . We will try rendered image and change showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, made up all use digital proses, or through other artistic drawings.

Easy to order stubby cooler made in Kang Deni Printing kuta bali, first we add your detail writing,logo,photo, to each cooler and any color and Let us finishing the rest according to your request.

Design your own stubby holders Customised With Graphics and Your Branding We print our stubby coolers right here in my Workshop .

We do print full-colour sublimation prints as standard or simple design use Screen Printing, however, if you prefer we can also screen print them at a slightly lower cost too. You can essentially print whatever you like onto them to make them perfect for corporate functions.

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